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Celebrate a hero

Know someone in a public office who is doing their best to serve their community? Appreciate them by celebrating them here. Don't let them go un-noticed!

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Report a situtation

Seen something that is not right in your community hospital, school, public office, community and the neighborhood? Do not be quiet speak out.

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Know Your rights

Did you know that if a traffic officer stops you, they are not allowed to get into your car? If an officer tries to do that, they are breaking the law!

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Connecting Voices of Citizens (CVC)

Transparency, citizen engagement and accountability are essential for an open society, where democratic institutions support and empower citizens to shape society and take control over their lives. When governments are transparent, civil society can help ensure leaders are serving their people and not themselves.

The Hivos East Africa programme Connecting Voices seeks to enhance the abi....

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