Afande Sunday - POLICE

He is strict and doesnt take bribes. 


Pius - Guru8

For changing thew tech news scene


Frank Tumwebaze - Ministry of ICT

Supporting young people technology innovations. We hope the money promised to us comes 


Allen Kagina - UNRA

For fighting corruption in the insititution, firing all officers and brining in new people and is firing any form of corruption. She is cleaning the whole place as she did with URA. I am very proud of her. we need more people like her


Jennifer Musisi - Kampala Capital City Authority

Reforming the whole organization, cleaning our streets and tunring Kampala into a real city. 


CDO Rubongi - Adude Paul and LC3 Chairman- Solomon Oketcho - Local Government

This here was a broken bridge that we reported here sometime back when it surfaced on our platform- as we speak now- The local leaders - CDO Rubongi - Adude Paul and LC3 Chairman- Solomon Oketcho have swung into action to have this rectified. .. A meeting at the District Committee was called for and contractor appointed to resume works ... 

We yet to share construction pics as soon as construction kicks off 

The bridge is in Tororo Di [.........]

Kagina - UNRA

l applaud kagina for restructuring UNRA but still they should should give her teeth to bite the mafias like senkeeto and others.


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