No Tax exemption for MPs

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Every one else gets taxed, it's only fair they pay too!!!!! Dear comrades This is another time in our struggles that we come together and marshal enough to stand against injustice!! As you are aware, on 15th November 2016, Parliament returned the Income Tax (Amendment) Bill, 2016 to the President with a proposal to exempt MPs allowances from Taxes again. In the same month CSOs launched the #TAXMPs campaign to mobilize citizens once again to put pressure on the President not to change his earlier position on this Bill. This is to invite all of you to come and join us on Thursday 8th December 2017 at Railways grounds for a Citizen’s match to UMA show grounds. This is the last shot at demonstrating our displeasure of this unfair proposal by our MPs to exempt themselves from paying taxes on their allowances. I understand most of us are currently busy but we will be grateful if you spare time out of your busy schedule to come and we show solidarity on this national issue. Kindly also note that it will add value if we also allow and encourage others too, alert friends and relative to come and participate in the match. We have already secured Police permission and clearance (copy attached) and we shall be escorted by the Police band too. We look forward to your usual support in rallying friends and relatives from local and national level to come for this citizen’s procession. “I pay taxes on allowances, so should MPs”


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